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GLS Audio, and its parent company, Orange County Speaker, are proudly family owned and operated by the Sunda Family.

In the mid 1960s, Gary Sunda started building guitar amplifiers under the "Sunda" name.  He also repaired all brands of amplifiers.  With that came repairing the speakers as well.  So Gary and his wife, Sharon, created Orange County Speaker.  Gary repaired the amps, and Sharon repaired the speakers.  They made a great team!  Shortly after that, the legendary Don Randall (co-founder of Fender) called Gary to come in for an interview because Mr. Randall wanted to start his own guitar amplifier company.  Don loved Gary's "Sunda" amps and wanted him to help design and build the new Randall amps.  Of course Gary couldn't pass up this exciting offer to work with one of his idols and took the job.  This left Sharon to run Orange County Speaker by herself for many years.  Their sons, Bryan and Eric, were just toddlers at the time so they were always hanging out at the shop with Mom.  When Bryan and Eric become old enough to work they willingly took that opportunity at Orange County Speaker.  From that point forward, they slowly started to take the reigns and built Orange County Speaker (and eventually GLS Audio) to what it is today.

In 2002 we saw a need in our industry for professional grade cables and accessories at much lower pricing than the big name brands (this stuff was expensive!).  So we decided to do something about it and started our own brand name, GLS Audio and sell directly to the end user (no middle man, no dealers). This business model allowed us to keep our quality high and prices low. We originally started the brand with just a single microphone (the now famous ES-58). Since that time we have steadily been adding more high quality products and continue to do so. We now have over 300 different products under the GLS Audio brand.

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