GLS Audio Banana Plug Speaker Connectors - Safe-Connect Generation 4 - 8 Pack

GLS Audio Banana Plug Speaker Connectors - Safe-Connect Generation 4 - 8 Pack

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We are offering these Brand New GLS Audio Generation 4 Safe-Connect!â„¢ Series Gold Banana Plugs at an awesome savings. They feature the Sure-Gripâ„¢ technology which allows for an incredible wire connection. They have 9 High Tension Blades with Flex-Compressionâ„¢ technology for maximum conductivity. The back shell case has a rubber grip which minimizes shorting if 2 plugs touch together. These GLS Audio Safe-Connect!â„¢ Series Banana Plugs work best with 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge wire. These plugs are made of high quality 24k Gold Plated H59-1 Brass. The hole diameter in the back is 6.5mm. No soldering and no crimping required!


  • Overall Length (front to back): 1.735"(44.0mm)
  • Tip Length: 0.690" (17.5mm)
  • Hole Diameter (in back): 0.256" (6.5mm)
  • Rubber Grip Diameter: 0.515" (13.0mm)
  • Sure-Gripâ„¢technology for perfect wire connection<
  • Designed for 10g, 12g, 14g,16g, and 18g wire gauge
  • 24k Gold plated H59-1 Brassconstruction material
  • Rubber grip on back shell caseto minimize shorts
  • 9 High Tension Blades withFlex-Compression<â„¢technology
  • Rubber Grommet for the perfectseal & tension
  • Works perfectly with GLS AudioWall Plates
  • No soldering and no crimpingrequired
  • AWESOME GLS Audio Quality& LOW Price!

4 Stars
Reliable connectors
My first attempt I stripped about 5/8 of ~12 gauge wire but there was too much protruding over the top of the connector barrel. The strands were long enough to interfere with the screw threads and the fitting was stripped. The remainder of the banana plugs went fine after I altered my technique to just under 1/2 of stripped wire. The connectors are solid, easy to handle, and fit in my receiver sockets firmly. Audio quality is subjective. Originally I used bare wire ends which might have sounded a smidgen clearer but were a huge hassle. I anticipate that once I bi-wire with these banana clips, I will most likely not notice any difference from bare wire. The convenience (and minimizing loose strands) is definitely worth it.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NoHo, CA, USA. on 10/2/2015
5 Stars
Great plugs for a great price!
These are great banana plugs for a great price. They are substantial and well-built. The plug end makes a good, solid connection with my speaker outputs and also my wall plates. As others have said, they are nearly identical to the Monster® plugs. Heck, they might even be a little better. They are real easy to install - the only tools you need are your fingers and a wire stripper. I like that OCS has very detailed and helpful pics of the process, including exactly how much insulation to strip from the wire ends.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Raleigh, NC, United States. on 5/15/2015
5 Stars
Quit looking around.
Superb quality. These can't be beat for any price. If you spend more, for some Name brand - god bless you~! These even accept Monster Wire 1.25s, [8 gauge]
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from rochester, ny, Mon. on 3/31/2015
5 Stars
Definitely a Hands on Plug
I needed some banana plugs to connect my ham radios to a DC Power Supply. They would be inserted and extracted often, so the hunt was on. I picked up some locally, and at a Hamfest, but the housings were either too narrow or else their cosmetics didn't conform with the Power Unit. Thanks to I found a couple of sets that looked like they could fill the bill so to speak, so I orderd them. As soon as they arrived, I attached the BR4 Safe-Connect Plugs to a Transciever and plugged it into the Power Supply. The large rubber grip housing cover on the Plug has a good hefty feel about it that insures a good connection when inserted into the recepticles, and they can be quickly extracted with ease. Because the half barrel shaped plug is shorter than most banana plugs, less wiring is exposed on the desktop giving the rigging a more professional look. Thank You SpeakerRepair.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Spiro, OK, U.S.A.. on 12/26/2014
5 Stars
HIGH quality without the HIGH price$$$
Hi Guys, These connectors are GREAT to say the least! Bought these to add to some 10ga.AR speaker wire that I purchased on closeout. The insulation on my wire was slightly larger than the 6.5mm rear opening on these connectors,but,I trimmed it at @45 degrees,pulled the wire through tight----I've got some STRONG,TIGHT,connectors and can't forget to mention how GREAT they LOOK..! Thank you!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Bonaire, GA, USA. on 11/23/2014

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