GLS Audio 5-Feet etherCON Compatible RJ45 CAT6 G-Shell
GLS Audio 5-Feet etherCON Compatible RJ45 CAT6 G-Shell

GLS Audio 5-Feet etherCON Compatible RJ45 CAT6 G-Shell

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  • GLSAudio G-Shell G45 connectors are 100% Compatible with Neutrik etherCONRJ45 Connectors & Jacks
  • GLSAudio G-Shell G45 technology allows simple twist of shell to removefrom RJ45
  • OFC Solid core conductors. (Required to meet industry standard specifications for optimal signal transfer).
  • Drain wire (ground) lifted at one end to prevent unwanted noise and hum. (Required by some electronics which do not support a common ground).
  • Shielded cable with 100% coverage for zero chance of data loss and interference free usage
  • Heavyduty jacket with internal twisted pitch controlled spacing (TPCS =Better Digital Transfer & Longevity)
  • Ruggeddesign for touring, staging, professional sound, studios, night clubs,concert venues, and more.
Weare pleased to announce the new GLS Audio G-Shell G45 CAT6 digitalnetwork snake cables. They are 100% compatible with the NeutriketherCON RJ45 connectors and jacks. You'll notice the G-Shell G45connector shell can be easily removed from the RJ45 plug. This is donewith a simple twist of the shell. No more unscrewing and disassemblingthe etherCON end when you need a normal RJ45 plug. The G-Shell G45 hasyou covered! The GLS Audio G-Shell cables are designed with touring inmind. They are heavy duty with internal OFC "Twisted Pitch ControlledSpacing". The TPCS design will keep your cables working perfect with nodata loss. As you are probably aware, standard CAT6 cable is notdesigned to be connected and unconnected over and over. Standard CAT6will break down internally and stop working. The GLS Audio G-Shellcables with TPCS have solved this problem. Designed specifically fortouring, staging, professional sound, night clubs, concert venues,studios, and more. They are built for ease of use and built to last!

5 Stars
Great cables!
I've been using the 5ft, 50ft, and 150ft for about 2 years now (at least 150 shows). I'm very impressed. They've held up exceptionally well. I previously bought some other brand and they only last a few shows. You can tell these are going to last a long time just by how they feel. They are much better built than my previous purchase. I use GLS for all my cable needs now.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from LA, CA, on 11/15/2017
4 Stars
etherCON (compatible) cables
Since I discovered GLS Audio, I've bought many of their XLR cables and referred them to many of my friends. They offer a great line of cables that are built well, are tough, and last a really long time. These etherCON cables are no exception. The only detraction from a 5-star rating is that they're VERY stiff (as they're solid-core Cat6), and the removable etherCON jacket twists off a little too easily. I'm guessing I'll likely lose a few jackets over time, but luckily I see those can be bought separately. I'd actually prefer a heavy-duty stranded Cat5e cable for my uses, even though Cat6 has superior specs, simply for the flexibility. Still, my complaints are very small compared to the great quality and low pricing of these cables. I'm guessing they'll last a long time and provide great service!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Cleveland, TN, on 11/12/2017
5 Stars
Awesome Ethercon cables!
I tried one of the 200ft and 150ft to start quite a few months ago. They are super high quality. Very thick and can take abuse. I love the twisting shell. That's genius! I have since purchased a couple of each of shorter models and replaced all the crappy cables I had been using. Yes, I was going on the cheap before using standard generic ethernet cables. The generics work the first couple times you use them, but after a few shows they would start to fail. I know, I know, they aren't designed for pro use! I can tell these GLS cables are built to last. I've probably used the 200ft and 150ft at about 25 shows now and they are still just like new. That's why I replaced all my shorter ones. 5 Stars all the way!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from , on 10/8/2012

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