6-Inch GLS Audio XLR-F to Dual RCA Y-Cable / Splitter - 4 Pack Pro Studio Series

6-Inch GLS Audio XLR-F to Dual RCA Y-Cable / Splitter - 4 Pack Pro Studio Series

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* Heavy Duty 6mm Flexible Rubber Jacket
(not the cheap stiff plastic jacket like other cables)
* Full Metal RCA Male Plug
* Metal 3 Pin XLR Female Plug
* True Shielded Copper 6mm Cable
*Y-Grip!" Injection Molded Technology
* XLR Tri-Grip!" & Rubber Booty Strain Relief
* High Grade 21g Copper Conductor and Shield
* High Quality Noise Free Performance!
* Copper Conductor and Shield
* Great for Studios, Pro Sound, & DJ's
* Awesome Cables & Awesome Price!

We are offering these new Professional Studio Series Noise Free Cables by GLS Audio. They have a 6mm thick, high quality, flexible rubber jacket (not that cheap stiff plastic jacket like others sell). They are heavy duty Noise Free with Metal RCA's and a 3 pin XLR connector. These cables have insulated copper conductors plus they are shielded. They are hand wired & hand soldered and have high quality metal ends. The XLR has the famous GLS Audio internal Tri-Grip!" strain relief and external rubber booty. You'll notice the newly developed GLS Audio Y-Grip technology. This special injection molded piece was designed to allow 6MM cable to be joined in a Y connection. Normal Y-Cables can't use thick 6mm cable because the connectors can't accept (2) 6MM cables. Typical Y-Cables use 2mm, 3mm or sometimes 4mm cable. Our Y-Grip technology allows 6mm cable with 21g Copper Conductors.

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